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Make better decisions, boost sales, and realize your strategy with the only Mobile Analytics and Cloud MDM for Life Sciences.

iPad Interface

Mobile. Cloud. Data + Analytics. Life Sciences.

First and Only Mobile Analytics
App for Life Sciences

Get integrated performance data on your iPad or laptop. Trinity Mobile Analytics Solution for Life Sciences centralizes information in an intuitive and beautiful HTML5 portal to support your sales and marketing teams regardless of their location. Access enterprise reporting, insights, and analytics anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Cloud Master Data
Management for Life Sciences

Zero build, zero IT, and zero hassle. Welcome to the first Cloud MDM solution built exclusively for life sciences. Connecting 1000's of data sources instantly, Trinity Cloud MDM includes built-in Pharma business rules and flexibly adapts to your business in real-time. It's secure, technically bullet proof, and deploys faster than you can say "Accelerated Approval."

All Your Customer Insights
in One Place

Integrate your customer universe across multiple sources, systems, and channels. Trinity Cloud Customer Master for Life Sciences connects docs and accounts to give you a single customer view. These enriched customer profiles provide historic and predictive analysis to deliver to real and relevant customer insights.

The preferred solution for global leaders in life sciences.


Make Your Data
Tell A Story

Make Your Data Tell A Story

Transform your data into actionable opportunities. Trinity's guided and intuitive workflow connects your data to meaningful insights that drive business decisions specific to your role and objectives. Robust analytics provide a bird's eye view of your entire business — sales, marketing, and management — all in a singular, beautiful interface.

One Portal to Rule
Them All

One Portal To Rule Them All

No more wasting precious time hunting through multiple emails, websites, and business intelligence (BI) systems for your data. Trinity consolidates all of your data and insights into one place — giving you longitudinal and historical views of performance — even as your data,market, and metrics evolve. And, Trinity plays well with others — including 100's of plugins to industry data sources and apps like your CRM system.

Anytime, Anywhere,
Any Device

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Trinity is in the Cloud and built using the latest technology. The HTML5 app is fully portable to any device — smartphone, tablet, or laptop — so you can access reporting, insights, and analytics regardless of where you are. That means your team always knows what to do and when to do it; and, leadership can always see deep, integrated analytics to make critical business decisions.

Embrade the Cloud

Make it Rain. Embrace the Cloud.

It's time to take a new approach. Business intelligence and analytics in the cloud just make sense - because they are 10 times faster to deploy than on-premise solutions and 1/2 the total cost of ownership.

Deliver next-generation sales insights to your life sciences organization. Learn how you can integrate your data to deliver meaningful customer insights and realize your commercial strategy.

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