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Cloud analytics and data connectivity for life sciences.
Integrated mobile insights for commercial and clinical transformation.

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See Insights.
Don't hunt for them.

An elegant and intuitive interface, delivers guided commercial analytics and powerful insights that move your business:

  • Get answers, not just data. Personalized to you and your role.
  • Act on present performance drivers and predictions for the future.
  • Gain a holistic view of your performance - or drill down into your customers.
  • Multi-channel integrated experience - CRM, sales, marketing and managed care.
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Real World. Real Time.

Powerful insights across the clinical and commercial continuum. Integrate EMR and claims for a comprehensive view of unified Real World Evidence (RWE) insights:

  • Centralize EMR and patient data into a complete analytic view of the diagnosis, treatment, cost-effectiveness.
  • Map the patient journey and support outcomes analysis, hyper-local dynamics, market access and other key strategic indicators that impact disease specific care.
  • Enable patient cohort generation, characterization and reporting.
  • Intuitive RWE analytics and interface increases adoption and use by the business.

The Enterprise Cloud For Life Sciences

Designed for life sciences, Trinity is a fully managed, enterprise cloud analytics platform that gets you up and running faster than you ever imagined possible. Simple, secure and flexible – IT and business harmony achieved.

  • Quick Results

    From RFP to results in 12 weeks

  • Future-proof

    Compatible with all commercial and clinical systems and data sources

  • Cloud-engineered

    Secure, compliant, scalable and flexible

  • Cost intelligence

    Delivered for half the cost of legacy solutions

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